Modeling Historical Mosque in 3DSMax

In this video tutorial we are going to create a historical mosque. The idea of this modeling comes from a beautiful mosque in Shiraz-Iran, call Nasr-Ol-Molk. We are not going to create something exactly same because the original mosque contain a variety of shapes and forms which we do not have to create as we are just learning technique.

3ds Max Tip: 3 ways to make an object see-through

When you are using blueprint as your reference image for modeling complex objects (or accurate), you need to see it through your 3d mesh. here are three ways to see through your mesh.

Choosing color by Hexadecimal codes

Hexadecimal color is the color mode used on the web and web designing. It’s a very efficient method, using only six digits to identify a single color out of the 16.8 million available on modern computer monitors. This tutorial will help you understand what “hexadecimal” means, and how to predict its color by six digits.