VRay Metal Material


Download VrayMetal Script


1- make sure you have set your render engin to Vray.
2- Drag and drop "vray_metal_v1.mse" file in your 3ds max window. it will add new rollout to material/map browser.
If for any reason it did not show, go to the Material/Map browser option at top and under additional option click on "Reset" 
I suggest you to copy this script in your 3ds max start up folder so next time you open your 3ds max,  it will place in material/map browser.   Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\scripts\Startup


#Material list: there is a list of main materials. You can choose one main material and then change setting in “General setting”. 
# General settings:
  • Color of metal 
  • IOR – a range among 8 to 20
  • Subdivision
  •  Glossiness 

 Can be change here. So if you want to make a matte metal, you need to change its glossiness here.

#Next 4 groups are for making Hammered, scratch and dirt effects. All of them have preview which let you see result on sample slot or render as diffused black and white. So if you want to set size of hammered effect, you no need couple of test rendering. You just need turn on preview and see the size on scene or render it (as it is just diffuse map, i will render fast)
below you can see the effects and their preview. 

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