Modeling Hole with Edit Poly

In this tutorial we are going to create holes by Edit Poly technique.

1- Create a square Plane (height and width be the same size ). The number of segments for both side be 6. Convert it to Editable Poly.

2- Same as below photo, select 4 vertices.

3- In Editable Poly parameters, click on Chamfer. Increase its value. I chose 8.

4- select the segments as shown in below photo.

5- Use Connect in Editable Poly parameters to connect selected segments. the result will be same as below photo.

6- Now select the opposite segments.

7- Again click on Connect button to connect selected segments. We create this new segments just to have vertices in middle on each diamond surface.

8- select the 4 diamond surface.

9- Delete the selected surfaces. So we already have a hole. 

10-  Select the vertices around on hole. 

11- َApply Spherify modifier to the selected vertices. It will arrange them circular.

12- Now apply Edit Poly modifier and select the vertices of the another hole. Then again apply Spherify modifier.

13- Repeat last 2 steps to change other two holes to circular shape too.

14- Select the border of the holes.

15- Select Chamfer from Edit Poly parameters. depend on how sharpness of the hole, you can choose its value. I used 1 in this tutorial.

 16- Connect the vertices that i shown in below photo.

17- Continue connecting vertices around other holes as well.

18- Select the border of holes. Hold down Shift key and move them down to create new faces.

19- Now you can apply TurboSmooth modifier.

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  1. Hole in a mesh, its a very tough for me. I use Boolean for holes. I don't think these type of technique that also we can use for making holes.